Hi friends -

If you're here, you’re thinking about, or have scheduled a session with me. Yay! I would love to work with you! If this isn’t your first time, then welcome back friend, I can’t wait to see you again. 

I'm Ashley and I’m based out of South Eastern, CT. The other half of AOP when I need him, is my husband + very, very best friend, Matt. He’s pretty rad with a wrench and stays busy with all of our endless projects.

If you like reading, house projects, plants, and all things natural, we would be the best of besties. Crafting and creating is one surefire way to my heart.

I’m a moment based photographer who lives for capturing the beautiful, sometimes chaotic and usually messy glory of the everyday life that we have been so graciously given.

My goal as a mom in general and photographer is to make art from the ordinary moments. Life happens and it happens fast and what seems trivial in your everyday, is going to be what you end up missing the most when you look back. Let me help you freeze that, so you don't have to just simply remember it. You can look back and you can feel it.



I’ve been working with Ashley since 2020. She makes getting family pictures fun (which is a difficult task with a toddler and pre teen). She encourages the kids run around, have fun, make silly faces and STILL captures the most magical moments. We are smiling ear to ear in our pictures because we’re genuinely enjoying ourselves. The finished product can’t be matched, It always looks like something out of a magazine. 10/10

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booking spring + summer 2024 sessions

booking spring + summer 2024 sessions

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